Dejan Pfeifer was born in 1971 in Ljubljana, where he finished design school, specialising in graphics.
He produces unique furniture and other products from solid wood, whichbesides being functional and long lasting, are also valuable from an artistic viewpoint.
The unique products are aiming to be simple in production and composition. The author draws from the rich experience of slovenian experts and their interpretations in their own style in our land.
Apart from solid wood, mosaics and different natural materials like stone (sea, river bed) are also included in his works. These designs are unobtrusively built up into a whole. With searching for different motives in the nature and by discovering materials, influences of the environment and needs in given circumstances, he wishes to establish a connection between two poles.
This is exactly the confirmation of old truth that a lot could be learned from the legacy and history for the contemporary times.

the acquisition of home and applied crafts, assigned from Chamber of Craft of Slovenia
the certificate for free-lance artist, specializing in unique woodwork, assigned from Ministry of culture of Slovenia

Samostojne razstave / Independent exhibitions:
• 1999: /Unikatno mizarstvo-iskanje stikov včeraj in danes/, Paviljoni graščine Dol, Dol pri Ljubljani
• 1999: /Predstavitev unikatnih lesenih izdelkov/, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana
• 2001: /Les/, Biotehniška fakulteta, Ljubljana
• 2002: /Drevo-zgodba o lesu/, Razstavni prostor Kresija, Ljubljana
Skupinske razstave / Common exhibitions:
• 1996/1997: razstava v sestavi kooperative SAMOROK, v galerijskih prostorih bivšega vojapkega centra, Metelkova, Ljubljana
• 1999: /Salon de L’Artisanat et des Metiers/, Rennes, Francija
• 2000: /13. bienalna razstava domače in umetnostne obrti/, Galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec
• 2000: /13. bienalna razstava domače in umetnostne obrti/, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana
• 2000: /Mednarodni sejem domače in umetnostne obrti/, Center MIKOZA, Ilirska Bistrica
• 2000: /ROČNA DELA/, galerija EQURNA, Ljubljana
• 2001: /UNIQUELY SLOVENIA/, Los Angeles, Kalifornija
• 2002: /14. razstava domačih in umetnostnih obrti/, Galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec
• 2002: /14. razstava domačih in umetnostnih obrti/, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana
• 2002: /METELKOVA V SAO PAULU 2002/, Nova Bežigrajska galerija, Ljubljana
• 2002: /BIO 18 - 18. bienale industrijskega oblikovanja/, galerija KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana


Dejan Pfeifer, Ilirska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, gsm +386 41 27 11 44